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Cabernet Savvignon 2007

Plaisance Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon is crafted with premium grapes selected from one of Southern Oregon's finest wine growing regions. Our Cabernet Sauvignon boldly exhibits flavors blended in harmony to create an elegant remarkably smooth wine.

Merlot 2009

The clay soils of Plaisance Ranch produce this big Merlot with finesse and structure along with a finish that makes this classic style wine.

Mourvedre 2009

This wine made with 100% Mourvedre grapes has a floral nose with hints of cotton candy. The pallet is full of red fruits; cherries bring the dominant one with a raspberry finish.

Petite Sirah 2008

Plaisance Ranch Petite Syrah has good structure with loads of spicy black fruit and a long finish. The true name of this variety is Durie. It was the result of the cross breeding trails of a French Nurseryman Dr. Durie.

Pinot Noir 2011

This Pinot Noir is a blend of three Pinot Clones, 777,115 and Pommard. You will find fruit forward aromas of cherry and strawberries. In the pallet profile you will find earthy layers along with warm spices with hints of cherry, cloves and smoke.


Ranch Red 2009

This years Plaisance Ranch Red is primarily Syrah from the Pearl Vineyard, 75%. The remaining 25% is a field blend from the nursery vineyard and includes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc.

Tempranillo 2009

This deeply colored full-bodied wine made from Spain’s ‘Noble Grape’ has aromas and flavors of plums, tobacco, leather and herb. Tempranillo, which is derived from the Spanish word, Temprano (early) refers to the fact that it ripens earlier than most other varieties. This is a good match for the frosty fall mornings of the Williams Valley.

Carménère 2010

Carménère is a Bordeaux variety from the Cabernet family. It is medium bodied brilliantly colored wine, which imparts cherry like red fruit flavors with smoky, spicy and earthy notes of chocolate, tobacco and leather.


Rouge Prestige 2009

This brillianty colored wine is made primarily from the grape "MONDEUSE". It is the major grape grown in the Savoie region of France where the Ginet family originated along with Dureza. It is one of the parents of Syrah. Enjoy this elegant wine with all food or as an aperitif.

Cabernet Franc 2009

Plaisance Ranch Cabernet Franc has hints of red and black fruits, plum, spice and coffee. This wine has a great personality.


Syrah 2009

Plaisance Ranch Syrah has hints of spearmint and roasted caramel. The cooler terroir of Williams Valley produces a Syrah similar in style to the Northern Rhone Valley.

Vi0gnier 2010

In Plaisance Ranch Viognier, you will find aromas of spice, citrus and banana. A full mouth feel with a long finish.


Ranch White 2011

Plaisance Ranch white table wine is crafted with a blend of premium white grapes. All are estate grown to create a crisp refreshing wine which will pair well with fish, foul or spicy foods.

Ginet Rose' 2011

This salmon colored wine, 100% MOURVEDRE and has aromas of green apple and guave. Slightly sweet, served sweet as an aperitif or with light fare. It has the flavors of red fruits and citrus. VERY REFRESHING!

Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Chardonnay 2013

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